In logistics success is about being efficient, save time and money, thanks to thermal containers the conventional refrigerated trucks are not needed anymore in most of the distribution food chain.

This represent many savings:

  • The fuel, do you know that a refrigerated truck normally burns 1 gallon each hour? Make the calculation for a year and you will be surprise.
  • If the truck does many stops, each time the door is open the cold is lost, and the food cold chain broken, some products get damage during that process, save by protecting your products.
  • No more special maintenance to the refrigerated unit.
  • Conventional dry trucks are less expensive that refrigerated ones, and so their insurance and depreciation.
  • During up loading and down loading operations products get expose to heat, energy lost and broke cold chain.
  • Many are the situation were maximum only a 15% of products are frozen, the rest are dry, save by treat all them the same.


  • Use less money to achieve a much better result.
  • 100% respect of cold chain.
  • 0% possibility of food cross contamination.
  • More flexibility by being able to handle frozen, fresh and dry at the same time.
  • Extreme flexibility by being able to handle different temperatures and quantities at your wish inside the same regular truck.
  • No more concerns during up loading and down loading operations.
  • Do not expose your team to extreme low temperatures.
  • We also can handle hot products, like meals or bakery.