One of the key element in a factory is the Smart Conveyor, it have to be able to keep up the maximum production speed as possible even if any of the manufacture machines gets down for a while due to any type of fail.

In order to accomplish this it should communicate in real time with your Smart Warehouse and have the capability to know where is everything at any moment.

Several different sizes and shapes can work simultaneously if required.

All control occurs in a level 2 software in the central server, means all changes can be done quick and easy, and the limit of possibilities is only your imagination.

The conveyor allows an extreme efficient use of the human work force; and makes almost impossible for the workers to get any injury.

This system is extremely flexible, fast, supremely adaptable to the different needs, easy expandable and incredibly affordable.

Please, let us take three minutes of your valuable time to show you in the video this great.

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